Love Spell Success Stories: Melody

Some of the people who use our love spells are kind enough to allow us to share their stories, to inspire others who might feel their situation is beyond hope.

We never share your information without your permission! With that said, here's Melody's story...

I was really sceptical about using this spell. You see I had already been scammed out of my entire life's savings by a witch. My savings weren't much, a couple thousand dollars, but I work hard to earn a living, and it took a long time putting aside a little each month to save that money.

Even then, it wasn't so much losing the money that hurt the most, it was losing hope. When someone tells you they can do something and they let you down, that really hurts too.

I guess I should really start nearer the beginning of my story. My boyfriend Ray and I were together for about seven years. We really should have been married after so long, but we kind of never got around to it. Ray always said marriage was just a bit of paper, and it's how we were with each other that really mattered.

One day I accused Ray of having an affair. I won't go into the details of why, that's not really important. What is important is that I was wrong, but because I am stubborn and pig headed, I couldn't see that I was wrong. In fact the more that Ray denied it, the most convinced I was he was having an affair. It drove us apart, and Ray eventually left me because he couldn't live with this situation.

It took me a few months to realize that he was right all along, and that I had been a stupid jealous woman and had nothing to worry about. But by then Ray was gone, and he wasn't interested in coming back. In fact, he told me he never wanted to see me, or hear my voice, again.

The more I tried to see him or beg him to come back, the more insistent he became that I leave him alone. Until in the end, I am ashamed to say, he took out a restraining order against me. Now I had no way (legally) to stay in touch with the man who I loved with all of my heart.

Because I have always been quite a spiritual person, I turned to magic. I found a witch, and talked with her on the phone. She told me that she could make Ray fall in love with me all over again. She did some preparatory spells for free, to check the lay of the land, and said it was all going to work out fine for me and Ray. She said I needed to pay her $150 for the spell. I gladly paid, it was worth ten times that to get Ray back!

Well after about a week, I get this phone call from the witch saying that there is some real negative energy around Ray, and it's blocking her spell. She said she needed to do some kind of cleansing spell to unblock it, but that would cost more money. I asked how much and she told me because it was a large blockage with lots of energy, it would cost another $125. I paid up, and felt confident she knew what she was doing.

Another week went by, and no news. I called the witch, and she said she was working hard at removing this negative energy. I asked if there was a way she could go faster, and she said yes, but that would cost more as she would have to postpone some spells for some of her other clients. I was desperate to be with Ray (I hadn't seen him for weeks), so I said I would pay whatever it took, it was worth it. I ended up handing over $200. So now I had spent a total of $475.

A few days later the witch called me and said she had bad news. She told me that someone had put a voodoo spell on Ray, and that was the reason he had taken out the restraining order. She said it was very powerful magic, and hard to reverse. She could do it, but it was going to cost me another $500. I was stunned, I had already spent nearly that much. She said she understood, but if I didn't pay up, then the voodoo spell would turn Ray away from me forever. I didn't want that to happen, so I raided my savings again, and paid the money.

You can see where this is going right? I must sound like a complete idiot. I guess I was. But I was so twisted up with love for Ray that I couldn't see that she was ripping me off.

Another week or so went by, and then she calls and says she has succeeded in removing the voodoo spell. I was overjoyed! I asked when Ray would be with me again. But she said it wasn't that simple. The voodoo spell had basically wiped out all the magic she had already done, and now she needed to start over. It was going to cost another $250. I asked why it was that much when the first spell was only $150. She said the voodoo spell had made Ray less receptive to the magic, so she had to do a stronger version of her love spell. I sent her the money right away.

Two days later, another call. She said that the voodoo spell hadn't gone away at all, but that it was booby-trapped and was going to come back at full force if she didn't do a special spell that would remove it once and for all. She said she needed to bring in two other witches to do this special spell, and that meant is was going to cost $750.

I told her that was all the money I had left in savings, and I didn't think I could pay that much. She said she understood, but that if I didn't pay it, all the work she had done to this point would be wasted. She said that if the new spell wasn't done within the next 24 hours, I would never see Ray again, not ever!

I felt sick as you can imagine. The thought of not seeing Ray was worse than the thought of spending the money, so I cleared out the rest of my savings and paid her.

That was the last I ever heard from that witch. I tried calling again, but she changed her number. She had taken about two thousand dollars from me, all my savings, and now she had disappeared. Like I said at the start, I was devastated. I still didn't have Ray, and now I had no money either.

I found your website when I was trying to find out where this witch had gone, I was checking out all the spell sites I could find. When I saw the price of your spell, and that it was a spell I could cast myself, I felt a new glimmer of hope. Maybe I could fix this myself, without anyone ripping me off!

I didn't have any money left, but I had a credit card so I ordered your spell there and then. I read the instructions, and started the same day. I put everything into that casting, all my hope that I had lost came back to me.

At first there wasn't any sign it was doing anything. I still couldn't see Ray because of the restraining order, and by now I wasn't even sure where he was living, or even if he was still in the same country! But I kept on with your spell, putting all my hope and love into it.

After about four or five weeks, I got a letter from Ray. I recognized his handwriting on the envelope, and my heart jumped when I saw it! The letter was very long, and very personal, and I'm not going to share it with you guys because it's too personal. But the gist of it was that Ray said he had been thinking about me all day and all night, and he couldn't get me out of his head. He said he understood that my extreme reaction all those months ago (when I accused him of having an affair) was because I loved him so much. And then the bit that made me cry tears of joy, he told me he still loved me, that he was sorry about the restraining order, and that he really wanted to see me again. I was besides myself with happiness! I could hardly believe it.

We got back together a few days after that letter. We both felt a stronger love than ever before. We talked about marriage, and our wedding was last Easter. That "bit of paper" turns out to be quite important after all, because now we both know that if we have any more tough times, it will keep us together and we'll get through it.

The spell really worked. I'm so happy there are people like you out there. There will always be low-life scammers who take peoples money and destroy their hope, but having good guys like you around means they won't always get away with it. Thanks guys, and I hope when you put my story on your page it will inspire others who are going through what I did.

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