Love Spell Success Stories: David

Some of our customers are kind enough to allow us to share their stories, in the hope of inspiring others who feel their situation is beyond hope.

Note that we never share your information without your permission! With that said, here is David's story...

Being gay I wasn't sure if love spells would work for me. When I read your site, most of the feedback seemed to be from people in straight relationships. You kindly replied to my original questions, and that gave me the confidence to go ahead and download the spell.

My boyfriend had left about five months prior. He was seeing someone else, and it sounded pretty serious. He wanted us to stay friends, but I couldn't handle that. Seeing him but not being with him was too damn hard. So I avoided him.

I read through the casting guide, gathered up the objects I needed, and cast the spell. Almost straight away he started calling me. He said he was really sad that we couldn't stay friends, that he really wanted to see me. I thought, great, this is working! Then it all changed.

He stopped calling, and even went out of his way to avoid me. When I went to places I knew he should be, he wouldn't be there. I thought I must have done something wrong and the spell was having the opposite effect. But your guide said that this could happen, and it was probably down to the change in emotions the spell was causing. So I tried to stay calm (that was hard) and carried on with the castings according to the instructions.

It took another few weeks, but then everything reversed again. He showed up at my house, and cried as he told me how much he had wanted to see me these last few weeks. It turned out that his new boyfriend had noticed that he was talking a lot about me, and HE was trying to stop him from seeing me. That explained everything.

When Ian (my boyfriend) couldn't take it any more, he told his new guy that it was over between them. He didn't even know for sure if I would want to take him back, but he was willing to take the risk. So he packed his bags and came back to me.

Goes without saying, I took him back the very day he showed up on the doorstep. In some ways, it's like he was never gone. In other ways, things are actually better than before. We both know what we have, we understand what we could lose, and that has made us stronger together. I would have preferred never to have had that nearly six month break, but in the end we're together, we love each other, and that's all that matters.

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