Black Magic - Why You Don't Need To Worry

Robin and I receive a fair number of emails every week asking about black magic. Usually, the sender is concerned because they have been told, or for some reason believe, that some form of black magic has been cast on the person they desire.

These forms of magic vary, sometimes it's voodoo, other times it's a straightforward curse. Always though, it provokes fear. And at its most basic, that's all black magic is - fear. You see, to those of us who understand how "magic" really works, we know that there is no such thing as black magic, at least not in the sense most people think of it. Indeed, there's no such thing as magic in the way most people imagine it!

Our main web page already talks about this, but it's worth reiterating briefly. In our view, the word "magic" is used to explain away phenomenon which are unexplainable by conventional means. As science catches up and gives us new ways or words to describe how certain things happen, suddenly they stop being magical. Thunder and lightning is always my favourite example, because to this day it's still considered magical in a number of lesser developed societies. And yet we know that actually it's all caused by static electricity and humidity in the atmosphere.

And so it is with other phenomenon. Popular science may not yet have the means or the terms to explain them, so they get put down to magic. We've always been very clear that our spell is based on science, there's nothing magical about it, not in the Harry Potter sense anyway (to those who use it though, they find the the results magical).

Which brings me back to black magic. If there's no such thing as magic, there can be no such thing as black magic. Sure, bad things happen to people, and sometimes they happen apparently without reason. But that's not because of any curse, it's just bad luck, it's the way the world works. Nobody of a reasonable level of education seriously believes that earthquakes or tsunamis are caused by black magic. And no more are personal relationships affected.

So why do so many people continue to believe? I think it's because it's easier to believe in some mystical force, to believe that someone (even someone of ill intent) is in control of the situation. To believe otherwise is to believe that we have no control.

But we do have control if we want it, our spell and the countless success stories are testament to that.

That then leads those of a more negative outlook to ask the question, if we can bring about love using the morphic spell, could someone not use the same technique for evil, cursing someone, or turning them against us?

Again, the answer is no, and for a very simple reason. All of our testing and research has proved to us time and again that morphic fields can only be manipulated by positive energy. Love is one of the most positive energies that exists, so it's relatively easy to use love to control the fields. But any positive energy works.

Try and do something negative though, and you come up against a brick wall. It seems the universe has a built in safety mechanism. It makes sense, the most basic purpose of life and the universe as far as any of us can tell, is to grow and expand. Negativity destroys that growth, it kills expansion. That's why universal morphic field energy reacts so well to love and other positive desires, and shows no reaction to negativity. And that's why the spell process cannot be used for "evil" purposes.

So to anyone worrying about black magic, or any other kind of "dark" magic or voodoo, please don't. By all means enjoy it in books, films or other forms of entertainment, but remember that it is as fictional as the characters in those books and films.

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