Love Spell Success Stories: Amanda

Some of our customers are kind enough to allow us to share their stories, in the hope of inspiring others who feel their situation is beyond hope.

Note that we never share your information without your permission! With that said, here's Amanda's story...

I found your site after being scammed out of nearly $2000. That was by a so called witch who said she could make anyone I wanted fall in love with me.

I didn't want just anyone, I wanted David. I had worked with him for three and a half years, and it was driving me crazy. I was totally in love with him. He just saw me as a friend. In fact, it might have been easier if we didn't work together, because then I could have made a move on him. But making a move on someone who is already a friend is weird, and risks ruining the friendship.

Back to the witch. She said she could make David fall in love with me. All it would cost was $50, and a lock of his hair. The hair was the difficult part, but once I sent it off I was really excited. Less so a few days later when the witch sent me an email asking for $500. She said that the case was complicated, there was some kind of blockage, and it would need more work. Like the mug that I am, I sent the money.

This went on for about three months. She'd keep telling me she was almost done, then mysteriously she would find some strange psychic energy, or some black magic surrounding David. These could all be removed, for a fee. And so I kept on sending money. It was only when I had no savings left that I saw what a mug I had been.

As you can probably understand, I was very skeptical about your Instant Love Spell after losing all that money. But there was something about seeing the people in the video talking about how it worked for them that raised all sorts of emotions in me, and I knew I had to give it a try. The main appeal was that I could be sure that you wouldn't be asking me for more money as I would be doing the spell myself.

I did all the castings as per the guide, and at first nothing happened (that's when I sent you a stroppy email, sorry about that!) After six weeks though, I began to see David being different when he was around me. In fact at first I thought he was trying to avoid me. I thought maybe I had messed up the spell something chronic and made him hate me. Then I saw that actually it was more because he seemed to be embarrassed to be near me.

I considered this, and it struck me that if it was hard for me to make a move on him (because we were already friends) it must be the same for him. I knew I was onto something, so I started another round of casting the spell, hoping to push him over the edge.

And it worked! It really worked. He must have reached the tipping point, because one evening in the office, when there were only a few people around, he cornered me in the kitchen area and almost leaped on me! He literally just started kissing me. It was weird (in a good way).

That was all three months ago, and those last three months have been amazing, the best months of my life. Being with the man I have loved for three years (at last!) is everything and more I hoped it would be. I owe it all to your spell. Thank you so much guys..

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